To The Brave

Visual Identity - Packaging - Website - Application - Travel Retail - Brand Content - Social Strategy & content 

From world class whisky to modern luxury lifestyle.

The Dalmore is one of the best quality single malt whiskey’s in the world but it didn’t have any sense of it’s identity or belief as a brand. We needed to tell a value based brand story in order to connect with a new generation of whisky drinkers.

We went back to the middle age to find the value of the brand, Bravery. With Bravery at the heart, we developed an idea platform with a fully integrated campaign bringing heritage, product and modern culture together.

The sales increased +13% vya in markets where TO THE BRAVE was activated. Social Media performance. Facebook: x3 interactions and x7 number of shares. Twitter: x2 Engagement Rate. Instagram: x4 Engagement Rate.

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